Moray & Agnew Lawyers

Moray & Agnew Lawyers

Established in 1948, Moray & Agnew is a national law firm of over 600 people servicing clients from offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Newcastle and Perth.

The firm specialises in insurance law, commercial dispute resolution, construction and infrastructure, corporate, property, and workplace legal services.


In order to facilitate seamless communication between internal and external stakeholders, Moray & Agnew recognised the need to expand and upgrade their audiovisual capabilities.

Specifically, the firm sought to acquire the latest technology in audio and video conferencing, unified collaboration, webcasting and streaming, with added capability in investor relations and managed events, as well as in-house operations and support services.

However, these upgrades required a large capital expenditure; something the company hadn’t budgeted for and was reluctant to commit to.


Thanks to a long-standing partnership with Moray & Agnew spanning more than 10 years, Northquest was ideally placed to propose and implement the right solution for the firm.

After assessing the firm’s current and future technology needs, Northquest put together a 4-year rental solution to enable Moray & Agnew to upgrade their audiovisual capabilities.

The solution offered ultimate flexibility and certainty, in that at the end of the agreement, Moray & Agnew has the option of returning the assets with no further obligation, extending the agreement, or upgrading to new technology on a new rental plan.

Therefore, instead of committing upfront capital, the firm was able to spread the payments over the useful life of the assets and align these payments with their operating budget.


As a result of Northquest’s flexible 4-year rental funding solution, Moray & Agnew has been able to successfully upgrade to the latest audiovisual technology.

The ability for all stakeholders to communicate and collaborate more easily – both internally and externally – has helped improve efficiency across organisation. This is largely thanks to seamless connection, streamlined webcasting and advanced audiovisual performance.

What’s more, by paying for the new technology out of their operating budget rather than their capital budget, the firm has preserved capital to be invested into other areas of the business.

“Northquest designed and delivered the ideal funding model for our requirements,” says Jon Short, Executive Manager, Moray & Agnew Lawyers.

“We needed to move quickly on the upgrade and Northquest did everything we asked of them in a timely and professional manner. We couldn’t be more pleased with the result.”