Northquest can help

Northquest provides customised Managed Service Agreements and Offtake Agreements to enable the implementation of infrastructure and energy projects.

Our innovative as-a-service model means you benefit from:

  • No upfront capital required
  • Can be an off balance sheet solution
  • An immediate economic benefit
  • No asset life cycle risk

We enable you to upgrade your infrastructure, systems and technology without the need for upfront capital.

From hard technical assets in your facility to energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, we can bundle your critical infrastructure as-a-service.

This includes the engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance of your project through its asset life cycle, allowing you to pay for critical assets out of your operating budget rather than your capital budget. You simply pay a monthly fee thereby preserving your capital for other more profitable areas of your business.

What’s more, by owning and managing the infrastructure and systems on your behalf, we de-risk the performance, operation and maintenance for you.