Education Organisation

Education Organisation

This particular education based organisation employs over 6,000 staff who are charged with caring for more than 48,000 students across 103 schools throughout South Australia.

As part of their mission to deliver education that positively impacts the lives of their students and the wider community, they are dedicated to taking signifcant steps towards reducing their carbon footprint.

In line with their mission, a representative from the organisation reached out to a number of providers to secure assistance with replacing the outdated and inefficient lighting systems in their head office. As a result of these enquiries they discovered that Northquest was able to structure a solution at the lowest cost and with the highest quality product with the longest warranty term.

As part of this project we sourced over 2000 of the highest quality, low-energy consumption LED lights.

These lights were accompanied by a dependable 5 year warranty from suppliers with a proven track-record of performance. As well as installing the globes, we also were able to provide a small inventory of spares should a high priority globe replacement be required sooner than the warranted replacement service, ensuring maximum convenience for the client.

As a result of working with Northquest this client has saved significantly on their energy bills, delivering bene ts both to their business and to the wider community.

By working with the team at Northquest we have been able to reduce the costs associated with our lighting significantly whilst also being able to reduce our carbon footprint, delivering benefits to our organisation and to our community."