Upgrading your HVAC system?

With nearly 40% of a building’s total energy consumption due to the use of heating upgrading your HVAC system at the right time is important. Ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems[1] and equipment needs to be in top working order to maintain efficiency, improve building performance and minimise costs. Older or inefficient HVAC systems can be costly, both financially and environmentally, but there are simple ways to get the best out of your systems and get great results for your balance sheet.

Improve performance of existing equipment

By adopting optimisation strategies for existing systems, businesses can save up to 50% of total HVAC energy use, or up to 80% of energy use in individual HVAC components[2]. Strategies can include simply amending control settings and set points, or carrying out minor repairs through to altering existing equipment and systems.


Businesses can see an immediate reduction in usage costs, unlike more costly strategies such as purchasing new equipment, replacing assets or plant upgrades.

Reduce demand for HVAC services

There are many ways to reduce the demand on heating and cooling systems within business premises:

  • improve building insulation
  • install high-performance window glazing
  • increase natural ventilation
  • install external window shading and proper window coverings
  • control internal heat generation from lighting and equipment, and
  • minimise air leakage


Not only can it reduce usage costs, reducing demand for services can lower your carbon and greenhouse gas emissions and improve the NABERS rating for your building or tenancy.

Upgrade technology

Upgrading to newer HVAC systems leverages improved energy efficiency of latest technology, enhanced reliability. A smarty structured managed services agreement can allow you to get such a system in place without a large up front capital outlay and tie in a regular maintenance program to free you of the worries of ongoing performance. Quieter operation and improved comfort for staff and visitors can also be a factor in adopting newer technologies.


Efficient use of capital, a more pleasant workplace and increased value can all be derived from a well-structured upgrade of your HVAC system.

Northquest’s Managed Service Agreements deliver a comprehensive HVAC solution that includes design, procurement, installation, and ongoing maintenance. We can also work closely with you to provide a customised solution that meets your specific requirements. What’s more, we can help you access government incentives and grants to optimise your solution.

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