Northquest is a trusted provider to a broad range of respected businesses within the healthcare industry. This is because we understand the challenges that are unique to this sector; inefficient energy usage, a need to invest in equipment that will attract cutting edge specialists and the necessity to manage cash flow.
We bring our deep expertise to every healthcare client, to determine the solution that fits their exact needs.

Your Business Challenge

Your challenge

Our Solution

The large capital cost of upgrading equipment means you are at risk of breakdowns
Our managed service agreement for critical infrastructure allows you to pay for the upgrade out of their operating cost budgets, removing the upfront capital cost hurdle.
You need to preserve capital for investment in equipment that will attract specialists to your facility
By undertaking a managed service agreement the hospital can invest in advanced equipment that will deliver an ongoing benefit to staff
You need to demonstrate your corporate social responsibility in order to attract patients
We can help you acquire high visibility solar PV via a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), or rental structure, removing the cost from your balance sheet.
The cost of energy is rising and your large energy usage is hurting your budgets
The team at Northquest are able to identify ways you can reduce your energy outgoings and can structure a solution that requires no capital and can deliver an immediate net economic benefit.
Your inefficient use of power frequently results in penalties being applied by the retailer
We can implement power factor correction equipment via our managed service agreement.